Wednesday 8 August 2012

Information about CNA Programs in Michigan

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Working as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) in Michigan may prove beneficial as the certified nurse aides working in this state are paid more than the average salary paid to a CNAs in the United State.
The certified nursing aides can earn around $31,000 per annum.The nursing-career aspirants can start their career as certified nurse aide then easily move ahead the career path through certifications and by gaining work experience [see cnacertifiednursingassistant].

The candidate should be of 18 years of age to work as a certified nursing aide in this state. The candidate must have completed high school diploma or General Educational Development. The candidate must clear the criminal background check and medical checkup.

Training program
To become a certified nursing aide in Michigan, the candidate has to complete minimum 75 hours of training. In this state, the clinical sessions are for 16 hours. It is compulsory for the practicing nursing assistants in this state to undertake the 12 credits of education annually. These credit points are provided by the employer to the nursing assistants.

Free CNA programs
The nursing-career aspirants can apply for free nursing training program through the Red Cross. The Red Cross provides free training to those candidates, who are interested in becoming nursing assistants and agree to work with Red Cross after the completion of training program. The aspirants can even get free training from hospitals that provide free nursing training program, on the basis of a deal that the nursing aide works later with the hospital for six to eight months after the completion of training.

The candidates aspiring to become certified nurse aide can opt for CNA programs in Michigan, as the nursing aide in this state are well paid and expect a better future growth in this field.


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