Thursday, 25 October 2012

Why I am CNA

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Hello friends, I am Martin B. Headen. I am working as a CNA for a couple of years now. I have completed my CNA certification from American Red Cross Society. Currently I am living in Boston. The main reason behind writing this blog is to inform the readers about the caregiver jobs and the experience it offers to the professionals.

My intention is to provide true and relevant information to people who aspire to land up in this profession. Apart from my profession, I am interested in writing, traveling, interacting with new people, etc.

I have noticed that people working as a CNA, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Practice Nurse usually choose one of these professions following the footsteps of one of their family member who is in the same profession. However, my case is different as none of my family member is into this profession. It was my passion to work in the health-care industry that landed me into this job.

I can recall the time when I was in school where I had this feeling of serving the needy people to the best of my knowledge and efforts. However, I could not pursue a professional course that would land me into the job of a doctor or physician. Still, I opted for a CNA certification course offered by the American Red Cross Society.

This job has helped me to follow my passion to provide health-care to the patients I come across daily. So far, it has been a very pleasant experience and I feel that I was born to be a CNA rather than anyone else in my life.

I also like to help out people who want to pursue this profession as it is a rewarding experience for me see more and more people joining the health-care industry as a CNA.