Tuesday 12 August 2014

3 Different Resume Types For Nursing Jobs

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Picking up a profession will depend on the type of education you have taken during your academic years. However, there are many who keep changing their profession regardless of their education and experience for some reason, or the other. This type of practice people follows to survive has, on the other hand, has generated three different types of resumes. Whether you are right into the nursing profession from the beginning, or trying to make a career change, here are the three different types of resumes you will be using from.

Chronological Resume

This is the most popular one and widely used in the job market. When using this type, you will start from describing your current job first, and then the immediate next one. This way, the job that you start at the beginning of your career will be the end in the list. Besides, the type of sections you have to add are: Summary of Qualification, Skills, Experience, Education and Reference. While there is no rule about which section should come first, it is still better to follow the order they are given here.

In the Summary section, you will include key nursing skills and years of experience you have. The description should provide a snapshot of your overall credentials for the job. The only change in this type of resume is the description of your experience, which has to start with the current job first. Each on your accomplishment in the respective job should be precise and true. Overall, the information in the experience section should portray a clear picture of the kind of work you have done and can do for the new employer. After the experience comes the 'Education section.' Under this category, you will list the name of the nursing degree, the college/university you graduated from, the year of passing, and the city and state you received the degree in. Last section will be the Reference. Do add at least two names since it increases the probability of selection.

A chronological nursing resume is useful for those candidates who had been and wanted to be in the healthcare profession for a longer time. View some samples on www.bestsampleresume.com for reference.

Functional Resume

If you are returning into the nursing profession after a long gap, or making a career change, a functional resume is the best to use. The main purpose of the functional resume is to highlight your skills and experience. While going through such types of resumes, the employers want to know how your previous experience and skills would be useful for the career you are seeking. 

This type is also useful for new graduates or entering into the nursing field for the first time. The only drawback of this type of resume is that it is not easily scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Combination Resume

A combination resume combines the essential elements of chronological and functional resumes. It is a kind of mixture of the latter two. Your experience and skill-sets will be listed first in this type followed by work history in reverse sequential order. The order of your work history will be: job title/position, company name with city and state, and the employment dates. As you have already created a Skill section at the beginning, you can skip information in the experience section since employers will see your professional expertise only.

These are the three types of resumes you need to know for your nursing profession. Whether you are new to this field, changing career, or are experienced, any of these types of resume will help you in get the job.


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